Down in the Reeds Series

The team behind the Down in the Reeds festival presents a musical experience that highlights the healing power of music and DC’s cultural diversity.

Songs for the Times with B.E. Farrow and Friends: Join B.E. Farrow and Plebeians with the team behind Down in the Reeds for a video performance of three classic songs that reflect this tumultuous era. There will be a short discussion of each song followed by a live arrangement and performance of each song. The songs include a Bob Dylan tune, Bill Wither’s “Take It All In and Check It All Out,” and an original anti-war song by B.E. Farrow dedicated to Clara Barton. Themes explore how misguided moneyed interests have a role in civic decay, and vigilance in how we perceive our world, and the senselessness of war. The video will be posted on our YouTube channel and highlighted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Without Commentary: This video features only the song list; click the video below for the full commentary and discussion. 

With Commentary: This longer video includes a short discussion of the songs after each performance:

Down in the Reeds is a day-long fall festival celebrating the power of music to heal across culture and community. The inaugural festival took place in October 2019, but the pandemic put the 2020 festival on hold. The organizers of Down in the Reeds have curated these unique musical experiences with local artists to underscore the ability of music to heal at the micro and macro levels, especially during these stressful times. To learn more about Down in the Reeds, visit