Barre3 Fitness at The Parks

Free Barre3 Meditation: A Tonic for the Times
Meditation is a proven way to stay healthy during stressful times. Join  the instructors from Barre3 DC 14th Street for a 10-minute meditation class designed to balance the body and leave you feeling energized, happy and strong.
Video 1: Studio owner Alicia Sokol is accompanied by National Symphony Orchestra violist Mahoko Eguchi. Watch the video
Video 2: Instructor Sarah Peterson leads a gentle, relaxing meditation. Enjoy the gorgeous green of the Great Lawn at The Parks at Walter Reed, and let your stress melt away. Watch the video.

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Previous Barre3 Classes:
Tuesday, Oct. 6, 8 AM  

– 30 min class with Sarah, accompanied by Mahoko Eguchi of the National Symphony Orchestra
– Theme: Spinal Mobility – Sarah’s class will focus on moving the spine in all directions (extension, flexion and lateral motion and gentle twisting) to promote flexibility and strength. This class will feature gentle flows, isometric holds and a collection of moves designed to support strong posture. Every posture is adaptable, so this class is appropriate for all bodies and levels of fitness.
– Where: Instagram Live

Tuesday, Oct. 13, 6 PM                                                                                               
– 30 min. class with Laura 
– Theme: Balance – Laura brings tremendous knowledge as a practicing physical therapist. Her class will focus on improving balance with moves designed to engage core muscles from a variety of angles. She will explain why each posture helps build core strength and improve balance. She will also give cues to adapt postures, including the use of a stable, waist-high surface to assist. This class is for all bodies and all levels of fitness.
– Where: Instagram Live

Friday, Oct. 23, 12 noon
– 30 min class with Alicia 
– Theme: Cardio – Alicia’s class is designed to get your muscles warm and your heart thumping hard. We’ll work through a collection of dynamic, large range movements to challenge the heart and lungs, get sweaty and release tension. Most importantly, Alicia wants you to find joy in moving your body as it is right now. Today. All moves are low impact (at least one foot on the ground at all times) and adaptable to account for tender knees, hips and tight low backs. Discover how good it feels to move in a way that makes you feel powerful and strong.
– Where: Instagram Live

About Barre3 
Barre3 classes are designed to balance the body and leave you feeling energized, happy and strong. The instructor will also offer several adaptations of the postures so that the workout is truly accessible to anyone, including those with injuries, pre- or post-natal, and any shape, size, age, gender. The 30-minute class includes a warm up, exercises targeting all major muscle groups, a cardio blast to get your heart thumping and your body sweaty, and a series of stretches followed by guided breath work in the final minutes. Alicia Sokol is owner of the 14th Street Barre3 studio, which just celebrated its 12th anniversary. Learn more about the Barre3 way on their website

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