Building 2 Abatement & Demolition

NorthStar Contracting Group is the prime contractor for this pivotal scope of work. The scope includes three (3) phases. Phase 1: abatement of the demolition of the building interior; Phase 2: complete demolition and removal of the building structure; and Phase 3: crushing and re-purposing/recycling of the concrete. Work commenced in July 2017. As of publication of this newsletter, Phase 1 abatement and interior demolition is 100% complete (July 2018). Phase 2 (demolition) commenced in August 2018 and is on schedule to be completed in April 2019; the full scope of work is expected to be complete by Q3/Q4 2019. All work is being performed in strict accordance with DCRA, DDOT, DOEE, EPA and OSHA guidelines. All activities are monitored by HP Environmental Services for compliance and quality control.